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A Battle of Wits with An Unarmed Person

“I don’t want to hear it.”  An easy, and lame, excuse for NOT wanting to learn.  What we know is based entirely on our perspective and our understanding of basic principles of interpretation.  How do we interpret things?  What is the logic behind most interpretations?  I believe that we have fallen far behind in our knowledge of how we see things.  Our ‘perspective’ is one thing; it’s in the interpretation that we lose something.  The phrase ‘lost in translation’ would be most appropriate at times, due to the fact that we seem to push limit our perception only to what is in front of us or what we can see within our limited perception.  What can we do to strengthen our abilities and be able to interpret accurately or correctly?  We can either have a perspective that is seeing life from all aspects or we can ‘take in’ only that which we want.  But, than again, we are still limited by what we don’t want to see, which could be that one piece of information that we need.

As a result of our perception, we believe whatever it is we see, and we believe it to be true.  The object or issue may seem ‘accurate’ and ‘correct’ when initially perceived but, as time goes on, we find, by digging deeper into it, that our ‘first impression’ could have been wrong.  Or, was it?  Is it ‘wrong’ or have we overlooked something?  Are we wrong or did we overlook specific details of a subject or an issue?  It depends on ones interpretation of what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.  Again, perspective.  And, with that, are our perspectives and opinions based on ‘fact’?  Or, could that, too, be misinterpreted?  The battle we have is not only within our own minds, our own intellect, but it is also with those that truly misinterpret and misperceive what is being said or discussed.  Can it be they are overlooking something?  Can it be that some kind of ‘intellectual switch’ has been turned off?

The absence of logic proves disastrous when engaging in conversations with people that have a better understanding of the English language.  For most people, their vocabulary is somewhere on a 6th to 8th Grade level.  For some people, their intellectual prowess is beyond that level and possibly excels beyond that of the average High School Junior.  What is there to say to those that seem to think they ‘know everything’?  The answers are not always simple, but to directly answer that question, the simplest answer is that they do not know everything, and admitting that to yourself is the first step to realizing that there is more to learn.  

Happily Never After and More Stories from The Wasteland

Every story we have heard when we were kids ended with ‘And they lived happily ever after”. Well, what did you think when you grew up and had kids of your own and read the same stories to them? No so happy, is it? Makes you wonder why people want the best and do their best to achieve the best. Makes you also wonder what ‘pie-in-the-sky’ bull crap people will believe. It’s not all fun and games in the world today. Most people are suffering and starving, jaded from the very depth of their heart, believing anything that are lies and scoffing at anything that even comes close to resembling the truth. What do we do to remedy the situation and straighten out the road ahead of us? What can we do to stall the onslaught of the pressures brought on by the world controllers? We can take a stand, defend ourselves and live to defend ourselves another day. Or, as one might accept, we must hide away from the minions that are working to up end the very fabric of freedom. But, as one might also accept, hiding does not remedy the situation. We can take what we need, demand an end to all the criminal activity coming from Washington, DC and we can stop the insanity that it presents. When, and no one knows for sure, but , when that day comes we will live. We will be free once again to pursue a life, our lives, and live to fulfill our true destinies. It is on that day we will proclaim our survival.

The Final Curtain Call

The fatal mistake of all humanity is that we oftentimes recoil at the sight of something unpleasant. Life, in all of its trappings, is very horrific at times, as the malformed creatures gather together in the darkened corners of our limited minds. Images run rampantly through our minds, powered by our often overworked imaginations. Creeping along through the shadows and screaming like unleashed banshees, our minds open to the other possibilities beyond the darkened corners. Life, it is said, can be full of pure love and light, with shadows that change with the ongoing movement around us.
Positive platitudes and pleasantries do nothing but irritate the already worn patience of those that wait in unwavering silence, waiting for a sign that that was said to be presently approaching and that would break open an unseen door into a world unknown, but in their own reality will never come. The bleak thoughts of those that lie in darkness where loneliness is their only friend, where lightness of being and fulfillment of Spirit is not even a speck of a thought within the depths of their already darkened shell of a body. It is what satisfies the emptiness, that hollow feeling, that feeling of total inequality with the surrounding life. It is the misshapen creature of the imagination, the Hydra that rears back and moves quickly forward to strike at the jugular of its intended victim. Complacency wreaks havoc on the body, as the Spirit struggles to move.

Through the dark, behind the blackened curtains, in the theatre of life where the performers on the stage are acting out unwritten yet imaginative scenes, they dance and speak, laugh and cry, and they live. The strains of sounds coming from the areas of the mind, where words are spoken yet unheard, flow over the conscience like the river over the waterfall. Beyond the pale existence of decaying life, a spark of energy creates one thought, one unalienable item of immeasurable intent, neither forced to be or annihilated from the present moment. It is one eternal presence, revealing Light upon the aforementioned stage where performers are now dashing to take their positions to show the unseen audience the pretended life they have created. Only by egregious acts of sheer blindness can a life be extinguished. The players upon the stage react to their surroundings and mimic the words that have been written for them. It is the word that creates the scene. It is the scene that people see. It is the people that are filled with mirth and merriment, anguish and heartache, as pleasure seeps from every pore of the body slowly dying. A wish is to dream, as life unfolds itself.

Through the valley’s and the over the hills, the dream of one becomes life fulfilled. Within the hallowed halls of the education, one Spirit among many rout their way through and achieve a moment of solace and come to a realization that the learned learn eternally. Faith follows wisdom as the trees wave their branches at those passing by on a blustery day. The wisdom of one confounds the voices of many who justify their existence within their experience. Those words, from the heart of the spirited, fall on deaf ears and the many are transformed into creatures sullied by the unfertilized soil where few grow and are choked by the weeds and brambles that metastasis like a cancerous sore. It is the passion of one, either good or not so good, to reach beyond their solitary confinement, grabbing hold of whatever life seems to exist at the moment. But through it all, the players on the stage, with light on their faces and music in their ears, where the audience patiently waits and watches, one may say that life is but stage where the players play and the marquee shines with the names of those that took part in the process to bring this part of their world full circle. And, as the last voice is heard, the strains of the music lowers to an almost inaudible sound, one can say that with all their passion, with all their dedication, their world has become one with those around them. Light and darkness exist to separate one from another, with one moving faster as the other struggles to keep pace. It is the everlasting lightness of being, of the Spirit caressing moments of joy through pain, that brings the play of life to an end. And the players play and come join one another for The Final Curtain Call.

Written By Rev. Wayne S Pierce (c)2013
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Syria, Iran, The Middle East, The United States of America: Death From Above

We are hearing a lot of news about what Israel will do to Iran if Iran attacks them. We have also heard what the U.S. will do if Iran attacks Israel. And the chess game continues over in the Middle East because of a war between to countries, two peoples, that has been going on for over 3,000 years.
With the world’s economy failing every industrious nation, the United States is in a position to do one thing and that is stay out of the Middle East. We have involved ourselves in too many wars, spent too much money, achieved absolutely nothing for it and it has not helped the population of the U.S. become any better. The members of the criminal organization in Washington, DC are saying we have to support Israel. That is the one thing we cannot do at this time. We must cut our loses and move on and help those in the area find ways to keep themselves safe. Israel has been known to terrorize the surrounding area, but are the first to tell you they don’t. But, word has it that they are the ones that are instigating attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah and the Palestinians.
What more can we do? The United States cannot continue to support foreign wars of any kind. We must make our exit from the Middle East, whether we want the energy resources or not. It is NOT in our best interest to continue to support regimes that do nothing to pay us back, assist us or help our own people. We must pull out of the Middle East, end the dependency on foreign oil, take what is ours, and bring our military personnel home.

The Path of Tyrants: Part One: Systematic Political Devolution

g20 protesters  What do we know about the founding of our country?  We know that there were people here LONG before we arrived.  We know that the ‘native peoples’ that were here had encountered the Vikings and others.  We know that there were several tribes spread across the continent and that they did know the Aztec and the Mayan civilizations.  I’m sure that they were the ones that were sacrificed on in the Aztec and Mayan cultures.  But, what do we REALLY know about who those people were?  Not much, apparently.  From the very beginning of this country people have formed their identity around the concept of being free.  They had separated themselves from the British Monarchy and the rule of the Anglican Church and decided they didn’t want to live in such an oppressed manner.  What had the men that ‘founded’ this country truly wanted?  

It is apparent that we have not come very far from enslaving others or systematically and methodically suppressing the rights of others.  We have come to the point to which we, the people, may truly accept the manner by which we are oppressed.  Is that it?  Have we truly come to the point to which we WANT to be oppressed and have our personal and political rights taken away from us?  It is a matter of perspective, a matter of perception and how we perceive the very nature and heart of our oppressors.    Are we truly ‘in love’ with our oppressive leaders?  Do we have a form of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’?  I think we have to step back and find out.  Our slow process from a small group of people that risked their lives to venture here to be free has been increasingly difficult to overcome.  The United States of America is Two Hundred and Thirty Seven years old and we have the scars to prove that we are resilient when we find ourselves at the brink of death.  In the past One Hundred years we have been slowly smothered, losing consciousness a little bit at a time, and in many ways, mostly clandestinely, we have been in total denial about all of it.  Our system of self governance has brought good and bad to our lives, mostly as a result of ‘We The People’ coming together and doing what must be done to identify the culprits and criminals that want to destroy the freedom and liberty and sovereignty we have enjoyed.

The continued devolution of society in the U.S. is perpetrated by the global elites who want 80% – 90% of the world’s population gone.  Politically speaking, that would make things a lot easier to control, including the population. Furthermore, at the point at which all of the population in the U.S. is scattered throughout the land, or rounded up and put into camps, the very notion that we are ‘free and sovereign people’ will go out the door.  It will be a repeat of what happened to the Japanese Americans in the late 1930’s/early 1940’s.   The point is, we are heading for the same fate as other countries where the leader of the country took over and held power over all of the people.  We are heading for a collapse. 

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