The Letter to Heaven

Hey, guys and gals!  This is me, Wayne, from Earth.  You know, that little blue ball rotating around that big yellow thing.  Ok, I’m just joking but, how are you?  Are things working out the way you guys wanted?  How’s the ‘Big Guy’?  You’ve seen, I take it, what’s been happening here, right? Well, you see, things aren’t as good as we would like.  We have division and prejudice and basically people hating one another.  But, that’s only due to the propaganda and indoctrination that is permeating the planet through various areas of education and media.  Which brings to mind a question. Why did you allow the adversary of humanity to take the lead on this planet?  I’m sure you’ll give us the answer, or already have, but, some of us are kind of dense, if you haven’t noticed.  If at all possible, could you eliminate the need for the evil to prevail?  Just asking.

Well, that’s it for now.  Hope all is well.  Merry Christmas!  Oh . . . yeah . . . one other thing.

Hi, Mom and Dad!

Concerned Earthling 


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