The Poor Excuses of the Unenlightened!

     At what point does it come to when all of your excuses for not seeing what is to be seen or hearing what is to be heard fall flat?  How can a person not see what is going on around them?  With the world in a massive upheaval and certain people or groups are targeted by radicalized anti-American groups, it seems that a person needs to see what’s going on instead of ignoring the most obvious problems in our society.  Am I wrong?

     If there was one thing that one could see that would break people out of their intellectual blindness, I believe it would have to be that facts.  They say, “If it doesn’t affect my life, it really doesn’t matter.”  That’s a poor excuse for not paying attention.  If, for some strange reason, a person seriously accepted what was going on, looking at all the corruption and all the criminality in our nation, and actually made plans to do something about it, I believe there would be no more excuses.  But, I could be wrong.

     Many people have come to the conclusion that nothing can be done.  Well, it seems to me there are more people out there that know something can be done and are well on their way to doing something about it. To me, from my personal perspective, anytime anyone says, ‘nothing can be done’, it is only the Poor Excuses of the Unenlightened.


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