The Impressive Part of Life: Intelligence


What is one of the things you are most impressed with in life?  Is it your job, your home, your family?  Or is it something outside of those ‘norms’?  Something that cannot be seen but felt throughout your life?  How about being impressed with ‘intelligence’?

Intelligence is something of a commodity in the academic arenas, but, for some, it escapes the very presence of those that really need it.  Am I saying people are ‘stupid’?  No, I’m not.  I’m reiterating what most people know already.  There are those out there on both ends of the spectrum that are highly intelligent but have no ‘common sense’ and there are those that have what might be considered a huge amount of common sense but their intelligence is slightly lower than others.  What does that mean?  The average (if there was such a thing) IQ is between 140 and 160.  Not bad, if I may say so myself.  Just enough knowledge to run the machines and do the paperwork, but not too intelligent to see beyond the enslavement.

The times we spend having conversations with others we begin to see the very basic, and sometimes broad, base of knowledge they not only have but lack in most cases.  Intelligence is key and, as the adage goes, ‘knowledge is power’.  Yes, it can be.  And it can be a detriment to others.  What power do you have?  Can you give that power away?  What knowledge do you have about something?  You have conservations with others and you are giving that knowledge away to them.  Knowledge is one thing.  Intelligence comes through understanding what you know, the knowledge you have about any particular subject.  They interact; knowledge and intelligence.

We can have all the knowledge we want, but if we don’t understand what it is we have knowledge of, it’s pretty pointless.  Most people ‘just know’.  How?  Do they have a single line on the Cosmic Consciousness that gives that knowledge of a great many things?  I doubt that.  I believe people ‘know’ because of where and how they grew up.  They environment has a lot to do with the knowledge they have.  If they are stuck in one environment and are not educated on something outside of said environment, they know nothing other than what is IN their single environment.  Once they branch out beyond the walls of their isolation, they are met with a cornucopia of information and overwhelming data that might just cause them to either shrink in fear of what they don’t understand or embrace the challenge and accept what is there and learn from it.

Intelligence.  Know something.  Understand it.  Give it away.  That’s entirely up to you.

(c)2015 Wayne S PIerce


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