Excusing The Inexcusable!

     What is the one thing that people do when confronted with facts?  You know, those little annoying things that seem to escape the common logic of most people?  FACTS!  The simple and most accurate of all information.  FACTS.  People cannot escape from the facts, as much as they wish they could, no matter how much they try to justify their ignorance of the issues or subjects being discussed.  People ignore facts and are very transparent about it at times.  Setting aside what common sense and logic bring to the table, facts are also push aside and are usually the first thing that is extricated from any conversations.  To debate or discuss any subject one must always have the facts to support their view in any conversation.

     It is the view of most that whatever they are discussion shouldn’t involve any factual information to support their view.  This is sheer lunacy!  It is completely ridiculous to consider that if one person is going to converse with another that either one should have factual or accurate information to share. 

     You cannot have a discussion with anyone without being able to support what you are discussing.  You cannot make excuses for the lack of knowledge of the subject you are discussing either.  Remember to have excuses as to why you don’t know anything.  

More Later!


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