Dream of Freedom – Nightmare of Enslavement

What is the basic goal of life?  SURVIVAL!

The basic goal that everyone has is to survive.  Nothing else.  What happens from the time you are born to the time you finally leave the constraints of this life is entirely up to you.  How you work out all the things in your life, from being a child and playing with your friends, to being a teenager with dreams and believing you are invincible, from getting out of college and getting married and having a family of your own to watching those around you live until they are finished living, is completely up to you.  No one that can take away your desire to survive.  

Live and Let Live

All of us are able to live.  Some need more help than others, some less, but we are able to live according to basic principles that are present in our lives.  But there are others who think their principles are better than another persons principles.  This is why there are so many academic and ecumenical ‘wars’.  People cannot, and will not, allow others to live peaceably with others.

The American Way 

Freedom in America and elsewhere around the world is a goal of every man, woman and child on the planet.  What can we do to continue encouraging others to live FREE?  How can we secure our nations and allow people to live as they see fit, to follow their dreams?  Our dreams are what keep us and the concept of freedom and liberty alive.  Most people cannot, or will not, accept any possibilities that things can be better once you are not suppressed in any way.  If they can grasp that concept, they sabotage their efforts to rise above the conflicts by accepting the fear projected onto them by others who only want to suppress them, make them as miserable as they are.  Freedom, in companionship with Survival, is key to success in life.  

Enslaved Societies

The United States of America (being the middle of the two countries on the North American continent, sandwiched between Canada to the North and Mexico to the South) has been through various conflicts within its borders.  From the few that battled the many that formed this great nation, to the secessionists who wanted leave the ‘union of states’ and establish their own states, from the immigrants coming here and being met with prejudice and racism, from one era to another in the past two hundred and thirty eight years of this country, there have been moments of disastrous and debilitating conflicts that would have torn this country apart if it wasn’t for the tenacity and abilities of the people to ‘form a more perfect union’.  But, is the United States of America ‘perfect’?  By no means, no.  We are filled with various types of people, born into various areas both wealthy and impoverished.  But, what makes the people want to survive?  People do not want to be, nor will they ever be, enslaved.  The worth that people place on their freedoms is just as important as their worth they have for their very own families.  And, as people often do, they will stop at nothing to protect either one.  

You can dream of freedom and accomplish everything you set out to do by not believing those that are suppressing you from doing so.  

Do not let your Dream of Freedom turn into a Nightmare of Enslavement


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