What Do We Know? Not Much, Apparently.

Net Neutrality. What is it? You can read more about it at http://geekdom.nevadasagebrush.com/2011/10/26/all-bits-are-created-equal

It’s a way for the criminals in Washington, DC and here in the Nevada to shut down speech they do not like. It’s happening on YouTube, as the Feds are attempting to shut down all speech that is ‘anti-government’ speech or bad mouthing the Federal government. What is your view about this?


One response to “What Do We Know? Not Much, Apparently.

  1. Net Neutrality is just another word for ‘Government Control’. You think we all would have learned something from our History Books, yet now we are repeating the very thing our Ancestors dealt with but now it’s on a much larger & dangerous Playing Field. Most of us are so busy in our everyday lives that we don’t stop & see what is really happening, but soon enough we will. The Government is making a large percentage of us Dependent on the System and once we become even more Dependent Sheep, we’ll be wrestled into the Pens for our Slop.

    Already the Government is testing the waters with these crazy new laws and in a few weeks a huge Nationwide test will be done over the Airwaves-a possible test to bring our whole infrastructure down. We have been so domesticated over the years, we can’t even live without Electricity & Running water, so unless we learn now how to survive off the grid, we’ll all fall right along with it.

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